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QuantumhyperX™, Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada offers direct sales as Online Retail Store for Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, Gaming Products and IT Computer Components.  

Company Informations

Company Name:

QuantumhyperX Systems: Supplying professionals with computer related products and support for over 20 years

Mission Statement

To spark the imagination of youth to create and dream beyond what is possible.

Our Company Partners

Super Micro Enterprise Solutions, Xerox Enterprise Solutions, MSI Business and Consumer, HP Business and Consumer, Lenovo Business and Consumer, ASUS and Acer Consumer.

Company History.

Founded in 2001 and incorporated in 2009 we began selling  business productivity computers and servers as well as computer hardware through the ecommerce market place.

Our mission is to offer the newest gaming and office computers on the market as well as to support the latest technology. Our staff of computer gurus have helped the everyday and professional consumer for over 20 years.

Our Companies Target.

To stay updated with the newest technology in order to help consumers make smart choices when buying new consumer products.

Website Checkout Security.

Payer Authentication - Visa Secure, MasterCard Identity Check

Limited Manufacture Warranty.

All products sold online include a one year Limited Warranty.

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